WHC Chairman Announcement 28.6.20

With some elements of normal life starting to return – we are planning to start up some hockey sessions – starting this week.  Whilst this is possible there will still be a number of restrictions in place and you will need to follow them.  The objective is to provide everyone with the opportunity to use the pitch at Angmering – but in small groups with social distancing (2m) in place.  The pitch will be divided up into either 4 or 6 sections and no more than 6 people are allowed in any one section at any time.  Everyone must remain at least 2m apart at all times.  Clearly you can knock a ball around and use drills where social distancing can be implemented but any close contact with another player is not allowed.  Competitive training may follow in next few weeks subject to Government Guidelines
Each session will be supervised by a senior member of the Club who is responsible for enforcing the Rules.  You should not touch any equipment or pick up any hockey balls.  The supervisor will make sure that equipment is available and collected afterwards but if you have any questions you should ask.  We will provide sanitiser at the pitch – so please use this when you arrive and when you leave and as often as you need to during your session.  You should enter through the central gates and leave through the gates near the Clubhouse.  Other facilities (such as toilets) will be very limited – so plan accordingly.  The changing rooms will not be available.  Apart from that you should just follow the Government Guidelines on use of outdoor sports space.   We will provide a list of restrictions which will be posted by the entrance.  You must follow these Guidelines.
In order to give everyone an opportunity and to keep numbers at (any one time limited) – we plan to use the following timetable (but speak to a member of the committee if it doesn’t work for you)
Tuesday               7.30pm – 9.00pm             Ladies + Llamas
Wednesday        7.30pm – 9.00pm             Mens 1s
Saturday              1.00pm – 2.30pm             Mens 2s and 3s
Saturday              2.30pm – 4.00pm             Mens 4s,5s and 6s + Wolves
Sunday                 11.30am – 1.00pm           Comets
The first session will be Tuesday 30 June and other session follow from there.  There will be no charge for these sessions – for the next few weeks anyway.
Finally we also propose to open the bar on Saturday – and you will be able to buy bottled drinks and cans.  But no glasses will be available and you cannot go into the Clubhouse.  You will need to sit outside and more tables will be set up within our fenced area.  Please do not move the tables and restrict the groups to 6 people.  There will be table service only which you can message through to the bar and pay by contactless.  Basically applying the Guidelines set out by the Government.  The bar will not be open for other sessions. 
Look forward to your hockey
Best regards
John Herbert
WHC Chairman
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