Chairman's Update May 2020

Dear All

As the lock down continues I hope you are all staying safe and managing to cope with the lack of hockey.  You may be aware that the leagues and final positions have now all been finalised – so it is clear what is happening next season – which hopefully will be able to start up in September (as normal).

Many thanks to everyone who completed the Club Survey, there were 35 responses in total covering most of the teams and a wide range of ages and experience levels within the Club.  Most of the feedback was positive (thank you) and, in particular, the junior sections received many positive comments about coaching, development and making the game fun.  Many of you showed a keen interest in contributing further to the Club through umpiring, coaching or more general management and identified skills that you could offer to achieve this.  Please step forward and let me know as there is much we would like to do and more support would enable us to progress more of our ideas (and yours).

Some responses identified a number of things that you would like to see improved – and this is very important so that we can focus attention on these areas.  For example, more training session options and an increased variety of social events were noted – although many of you also made positive comments about the social side.  We are aware that being a “captain” involves a significant amount of admin work as well as being captain on the pitch and we are looking at options to reduce this burden and make the job more about leadership and enjoyment rather than administration.

There were also some questions about the work we are doing in the Community to encourage Schools to play hockey and develop awareness of hockey more generally.  Much work has already been done last year within a number of Schools but our plans are to expand this significantly next year.  To do this we need more volunteers to help support and run these events.  If you would like to get involved in something that could make a difference for young people and be part of the team please let me know.

Finally I would mention again that you should be aware of EASYFUNDRAISING.  This doesn’t cost you anything and takes a couple of minutes to sign up.  So far we have 23 supporters signed up and I would like to get this up to 50 by the end of May.  But it’s up to you to do it.  This could easily raise £’000s for us if everyone signed up.

Best Regards

John Herbert
WHC Chairman

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